IDEAL TYPES [Chapter 2]
07.05 – 07.09.2019

ARTISTS: Athanasios Argianas, Maurizio Donzelli, Nancy Genn, Artur Lescher, James Lewis, Alice Pedroletti, Antonio Scaccabarozzi and Verónica Vázquez

Curated by Alfredo Cramerotti and Elsa Barbieri

Opening: May, 7 from 5 to 10 PM

Inspired by Max Weber sociological theory, whereby for studying a social action without reducing the particularities to a collection of individual events we must start from the perception that the individual has of the real world, this ongoing exhibition project is designed as a speculative tool which makes possible to measure reality: the ideal-type (Idealtypus).

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ARTISTI: Athanasios Argianas, Maurizio Donzelli, Nancy Genn, Artur Lescher, James Lewis, Alice Pedroletti, Antonio Scaccabarozzi e Verónica Vázquez

A cura di Alfredo Cramerotti e Elsa Barbieri

Opening: 7 maggio, dalle 17.00 alle 22.00

Ispirandosi alla teoria del sociologo Max Weber, secondo cui per studiare un’azione sociale senza ridurne le particolarità a una collezione di singoli eventi si deve partire dalla percezione che l’individuo ha del mondo reale, questo progetto espositivo ongoing è pensato come uno strumento speculativo che permette di misurare la realtà: il tipo-ideale (Idealtypus).

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58 Biennale/19. Da Marignana Arte, le realtà frammentate e i tempi sospesi di Ideal-Types, Andrea Penzo and Cristiana Fiore, Exibart, May 2019
“Misurare la realtà”: Marignana Arte presenta la collettiva Ideal Types [Chapter 2], Espoarte, May 2019

Artur Lescher, Nancy Genn, James Lewis

 Artur Lescher, Sem Título, Da Série Nexus #2, 2013, stainless steel, 48 segments 10×2 cm, ed. 4/5

Nancy Genn, Rainbars 6, 2011, casein on paper, 264×152 cm

James Lewis, Diseases of Warm Lands (Rhombus), 2018, wood, paint, resin, lead, 183x100x11 cm

Maurizio Donzelli, Verónica Vázquez

Verónica Vázquez, Sin Título (Cosas, cajas, papeles o misterios), 2018, mixed media, 1,5x24x22,5 cm

Maurizio Donzelli, Angelicato, 2014, tapestry (wool, cotton, silk), 207×142 cm

Verónica Vázquez, De la série tapices con metales, 2016, iron, thread, cloth, 100×100 cm

Nancy Genn, Verónica Vázquez, Alice Pedroletti

Nancy Genn, Construct Blu I, 2003, vitreography, 62,7×54,7 cm

Nancy Genn, Construct Yellow, 2003, vitreography, 62,7×54,7 cm

Verónica Vázquez, Escultura en acero I, 2016, welded steel plates and smooth rod, 31x31x31 cm

Alice Pedroletti, Study for a sculpture, 2016, hand curved paper, dimensions variable

Alice Pedroletti, Study for a sculpture (prototypes for an organic city) – M3/00/16, 2019, digital photography, Epson printing with ultra chrome K3 inks (digigraphie) on Hahnemuhle Photorag Baryta paper, mounted on 3mm dibond , 133 x 100 cm

Alice Pedroletti, Study for a sculpture 02/16,2016, hand curved paper, dimensions variable

Antonio Scaccabarozzi, Athanasios Argianas

Antonio Scaccabarozzi, Essenziale Blu oltremare, 1992, acrylic and reinforced mastic, 46×59 cm

Antonio Scaccabarozzi, Ad Altezza d’Uomo – Essenziale, 1992, acrylic and reinforced mastic, 188 x 25 cm

Athanasios Argianas, Clay Pressing #1 (swimmer’s arms are oars, your arms are oars, your palms are oval), 2018, electroformed copper, 75×55 cm

Athanasios Argianas, Clay Pressings #7 Index 1 (essex oyster), 2016, plaster, direct cast, 32×24 cm
Athanasios Argianas, Clay Pressings #8 Index 2 (rope, thick), 2016, plaster, direct cast, 29×25,7 cm

Antonio Scaccabarozzi, Essenziale ore 11.30 grigioazzurro, 1991, acrylic and reinforced mastic, 60,5×119,5 cm