Ilaria Bignotti interviewed by Juliet Art Magazine

The second chapter of the exhibition project “The Hidden Dimension” is underway at Venetian Gallery Marignana Arte, which includes the participation of Paola Anziché, Maurizio Donzelli, Arthur Duff, Aldo Grazzi, Sophie Ko and Verónica Vázquez.
Interview with curator Ilaria Bignotti, art historian, curator and art critic.

About us: “Marignana Arte is a gem set amongst great beauty mines: between Guggenheim and Punta della Dogana, in the Dorsoduro, Emanuela Fadalti and Matilde Cadenti districts, who have thoroughly founded and cared for each project. [] The city of Venice, its conformation, its location not only geographic, but social and cultural, play a stimulating and exciting role in every exhibition project”.