Stefano Arienti at Appia Antica Archeological Park until September, 29

The group show Ailanto<3 is on view until September, 29 at Appia Antica Archeological Park in Rome.

The exhibition has been included in the Italian calendar of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018, as it responds to one of the general objectives of promoting cultural heritage as a source of inspiration in the contemporary context.
The artists involved by the curator Fulvio Chimento are Stefano Arienti, Cuoghi Corsello, Dado and Rusty, who through their works accompany the visitor to discover the monuments in the entire archaeological area: the Great Baths, underground tanks, the aqueduct, the Nymphaeum, Santa Maria Nova, the Appian Way.

On view also Carota Selvatica, a piece by Stefano Arienti.

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